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Leon Hester
(321) 537-1900




HP Water Skis and Equipment

2240 Turtlemound Road
Melbourne, Florida 32934

Phone: (321) 537-1900
     ( 321) 253-2921

Mission Statement:

To bring the experience and independence of water skiing to everyone...
by providing the highest quality products available to the disabled, today.



LiquidAccess has been manufacturing water skis and equipment for the disabled since 1997. We are currently the only water ski company providing a full line of products to the disabled, in North America. Our products are made and assembled completely in the USA. By listening to the people that use our products, we have developed the most innovative and technologically advanced equipment available in the industry today.

Our products are designed for Paraplegic, Quadripledgic, Amputee, Stroke, Birth Defects, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and any other disibility that limits mobility, including the Mentally Challanged.


This equipment is not recommended for the Brittle Bone Deseases or anyone that has a Seizure Issue.